What we are doing

Embrace the power of your data

We bring Big Data to the edge! As a European cooperative we are developing a »Super App« named polyPod, enabling you to earn a digital income by sharing your computing power for data analysis. Crowdfunded by European citizens, as real shareholders influencing the project and participating in revenues. Become an investor and help build a sustainable, social and independent data economy for Europe.

A market based on our data should be controlled by us

The value of data increases dramatically. For 2025 the worth of the European data economy is estimated to be 634 Billion € – means roundabout 3 % of Europe's GDP. But it's not Europe participating – the winners are data oligarchs from the US. A system has been implemented collecting 85 % of useless data harming our privacy, the European economy and our environment, as every bit of data we store and analyse increases our carbon footprint.

GDP 2025: 21.215,22 Billion US $ (according to Statista) (= GDP 2025: ~ 20.367,00 Billion €)
Value European Data Economy, medium estimate for 2025: 634 Billion € (according to Statista)

Let's use the supercomputer in our pockets to bring us back to pole position 

With the polyPod we want to provide a »Super App« enabling users to share their unused computing power for privacy driven Big Data evaluations. Get a digital income and step by step all services from messenger to food delivery comfortably in one app. This time European citizens will be the winners of the dramatically growing data economy.

  • Protect our privacy
  • Lower the carbon footprint
  • Strengthen European economy
  • Generate a digital income

A cooperative is like crowdfunding – but you get real money, not just t-shirts

What is called crowdfunding or crowdinvesting today is based on a pretty old concept: Achieving goals works better together rather than doing it alone. This is the basic idea of every cooperative, where private citizens come together to empower themselves. But in contrast to crowdfunding projects, not just a few participate and have influence. In a cooperative fundamental decisions are made by all who are investing money, and revenues are shared. 

Become a real co-decision maker

Get your investment back if you leave 

Get a return on investment if you stay

Secure your shares now

Become an Investor and help build a sustainable data economy!

As soon as you invest, you automatically become member of the cooperative developing the polyPod. A share has a value of € 5, which will be refunded in the event of resignation in accordance with the statutes – this refund is something very special, as opposed to other financial investment opportunities. 

Another specialty: One vote per person! As a member of the cooperative, your influence does not depend on the amount of money you invest, it just influences how much revenue you can gain. A really fair concept that fits perfectly with our vision of a social data economy.

100 share package

Invest € 500 now 

Monthly 1 share subscription

Invest € 5 monthly

Individual package starting at 1 share

Invest from € 5 now

400 share package

Invest € 2000 now 

1000 share package

Invest € 5000 now 

2000 share package

Invest € 10,000 now 

* polypoly Cooperative is a cooperative within the European Union. To invest and become a member, you must be at least 18 years old, and a citizen of a country that is a member of the EU. You must also NOT have a US passport. We need to take this measure to protect the Cooperative from legal action in the USA.

The Investment Cockpit at a glance

Funding level 

7,5 %

Number of private investors

Voting members of the cooperative who have subscribed for at least one share certificate with a value of € 5.

> 800

Invested money

> € 1,1 Mio

Planned return on investment

Annual payout yields are calculated from 1,000,000 active polyPod users.

Last update:  06/22

4 % + Special dividend

Inside polypoly

»Even though I haven't had a lot of experience in my professional life, I am convinced that people work differently when they believe in what they are doing. This belief connects us at polypoly.« - our intern Malik talks about his experience. 

Thorsten Dittmar at Mobile Ecosystem Forum

Thorsten Dittmar and Sabine Scheunert – Vice President Digital & IT Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars – were part of a panel at Mobile Ecosystem Forum. Together with Tim Green, Liz Brandt and Harrisson Tang, they talked about »The Whole is Greater than its Parts: The End-to-End Personal Data Economy«. Check out the video on the MEF YouTube channel.

Why we should care about data privacy

»My generation will be among the first to know what happens to the data we uploaded when we were thirteen, for example« - Malik, 19, tells us why younger people should start talking about data protection. 

Meet polypoly

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New data sustainability

»Collect, collect and collect lots of data, then you will find the treasure« is the current credo when dealing with data. The result is a series of disadvantages, but there is a solution: data sustainability!

How we bring data capital back to Europe

Europe has lost most of its data capital. There is enormous value stored in the data silos of the big American companies. polypoly is developing a solution to bring this data capital back to Europe.

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