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Help build a sustainable, social and independent data economy for Europe. Become an investor and not only participate in a dramatically growing market, but also change the way we deal with our data. Together we:

  • protect our privacy
  • lower our carbon footprint
  • strengthen our European economy
  • generate a digital income

Become a crowd investor 

Starting with € 5 you become an investor of the »Super App« named polyPod, enabling citizens a digital income by sharing their computing power for a sustainable, social and independent European data economy.

Become a real co-decision maker

Get your investment back if you leave 

Get a return on investment if you stay

The Investment Cockpit at a glance

Funding level 

7,5 %

Number of private investors

Voting members of the cooperative who have subscribed for at least one share certificate with a value of 5 €.

> 800

Invested money

> € 1,1 Mio

Planned return on investment

Annual payout yields are calculated from 1,000,000 active polyPod users.

Last update:  06/22

4 % + Special dividend
Secure your shares. now

Participate in Europe's future data economy

As soon as you invest, you automatically become member of the cooperative developing the polyPod. A share has a value of € 5, which will be refunded in the event of resignation in accordance with the statutes – this refund is something very special, as opposed to other financial investment opportunities. 

Another specialty: One vote per person! As a member of the cooperative, your influence does not depend on the amount of money you invest, it just influences how much revenue you can gain. A really fair concept that fits perfectly with our vision of a social data economy.

100 share package

Invest € 500 now 

Monthly 1 share subscription

Invest € 5 monthly

Individual package starting at 1 share

Invest from € 5 now

400 share package

Invest € 2000 now 

1000 share package

Invest € 5000 now 

2000 share package

Invest € 10,000 now 

* polypoly Cooperative is a cooperative within the European Union. To invest and become a member, you must be at least 18 years old, and a citizen of a country that is a member of the EU. You must also NOT have a US passport. We need to take this measure to protect the Cooperative from legal action in the USA.

What we do with your investment

The largest part of your investment goes into the further development of our »Super App«, the polyPod and the technology behind. The infrastructure of the cooperative is also partly financed by the members' deposits.

We always try to work as cost-efficiently as possible and deliberately leave part of the deposits untouched. In this way, we create a buffer, because every member can leave at any time. The cooperative pays back the investment made after 2 years at the latest.

Purchase your shares: All online – all transparent

The investment costs are high for developing a system to acquire shares. That is why we decided to use a third-party provider. This incurs transaction fees. Normally, these are added to the purchase price. However, it was important to us to separate the €5 equivalent of a share, and the transfer fees. We want everything to be transparent and easily understood by you.

One goal – Many supporters. Together, we ensure that you determine who may use your personal data – for what purpose and at what price.

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