How we do it

A »Super App« 
crowdsourcing computing power

We have about 4 billion »supercomputers« in our pockets worldwide. 1 % of the computing power of the world's smartphones is equivalent to about 175 petaflops. For comparison: The entire Google Search cluster runs at 40 petaflops. Let's use this power to invent a new data economy: Efficient – Sustainable – Green.

The polyPod – a »Super App« embracing the power of data

The polyPod acts as a data wallet, as well as a virtual server and feature store.

Via the data wallet, you can import your data from external platforms and then manage it. That can be a friendly data download where companies or institutions source out their data management to you, or a GDPR data download where you force data oligarchs to give back your data. This way you take back control of your data and know exactly who knows what about you.

The virtual server uses the unused computing power of your devices to execute algorithms for data evaluation.

That enables you to offer data based services where you are in control and determine the price to generate your digital income. As just business critical and evaluated data-insights are shared, it doesn't harm your privacy, saves data storage capacities and thus also a lot of money and CO2.

And last but not least: the feature store function allows companies, institutions and developers to provide features and services independently of data oligarchs. Step by step the polyPod transforms to a »Super App« where you have all services from messenger to food delivery in one place. This is much more convenient than dozens of individual apps scattered across your end devices.

1. Step: Recovering the lost data capital

With the GDPR data importers integrated in the polyPod's data wallet, you can load a copy of your data from data oligarchs onto your device – in other words, you bring your data back to Europe. By doing so, you weaken the monopoly position of today's data harvesters, as they aren't the only ones anymore who control the data.

Download and try out the polyPod – don't miss the next step!

2. Step: Establishing a direct business relationship

Companies invest millions of Euros every year to update their customer data, e.g. correcting your postal or email address or updating other private data, for business critical reasons, like billing. The polyPod enables companies to hand over your private data to you so you can update it for them and get payed instead of 3rd party providers. You become an outsourcing partner who is always in control of your own personal data.

Privacy protection and a digital income for you

  • You can generate a digital income, instead of paying »free« services with your privacy.
  • You get a high convenience, as you no longer have to maintain your data in different places.
  • You are in control over your data and manage access rights conveniently in your polyPod.

Higher value with lower costs for economy

  • High quality data insights directly from the source, independent and more favorable.
  • Customer data and insights generated are GDPR-compliant per default, so no legal risks.
  • The cost of storing and managing customer data is saved as well as the CO2 is reduced.

Where the magic happens

Take a look at our polyPod source code on github:

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Secure your shares now

Become a co-owner of the polyPod infrastructure!

As soon as you invest, you automatically become member of the cooperative developing the polyPod. A share has a value of € 5, which will be refunded in the event of resignation in accordance with the statutes– this refund is something very special, as opposed to other financial investment opportunities. 

Another specialty: One vote per person! As a member of the cooperative, your influence does not depend on the amount of money you invest, it just influences how much revenue you can gain. A really fair concept that fits perfectly with our vision of a social data economy.

100 share package

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* polypoly Cooperative is a cooperative within the European Union. To invest and become a member, you must be at least 18 years old, and a citizen of a country that is a member of the EU. You must also NOT have a US passport. We need to take this measure to protect the Cooperative from legal action in the USA.