Supporter Kit

The more people support the mission of polypoly, the faster we can bring about a rethink regarding the handling of data. For this we need your participation: Please talk about polypoly and spread our common idea to the world! Be it on your social media channels, in conversation with relatives, friends and colleagues - or at the regulars' table, in the club or the office - the polypoly solution protects everyone.
Below you will find materials on polypoly that you can use to get started straight away. Thank you!

Visuals, Texts & Leaflets

How To

You want to support us, but don't know how?

You would like to support polypoly and our common mission, but don't know how? Maybe you have helpful contacts & connections, know of events where we can give a talk or know someone who owns an event location... the possibilities to help us are manifold!

If you would like to help, please feel very welcome to email us with the subject "I would like to support polypoly but don't know how" and we will get in touch. Thank you!