Who we are

The ingredients for a successful mission

The implementation of a revolutionary idea – like changing the handling of data fundamentally by developing a »Super App« – is like preparing for a mission to unknown realms. It requires a balanced cooperation between all parties, a good plan for funding, competent leaders and partners who support the mission and are ready to go all the way. Here we are, prepared and ready for our mission!

A balanced cooperation between society and economy

For the success of our mission, it is elementary to reconcile the needs of citizens and businesses in order to achieve a balanced cooperation between society and economy.

The funding of our common mission

For every mission, funding is a crucial part and one of the keys to success. Our funding works via transaction fees incurred on each exchange of services.

  • As soon as a company or institution obtains data-related services from a polyPod user, a user fee is due. 
  • This is processed via the polypoly clearinghouse, which charges a proportional transaction fee, similar like payment providers do.
  • The polypoly clearinghouse then distributes the transaction fee equally to the polypoly Enterprise and the polypoly Cooperative. 
  • The latter then distributes profits in the form of yield rents to all cooperative members who have invested.

A cooperative all Europeans can join

Achieving goals works better together rather than doing it alone. This is the basic idea of every cooperative. Fundamental decisions are made by members in the General Assembly. As investor you are a member having one vote regardless of how many shares you own. This protects the cooperative from the dominance of individual majority owners, and also from »hostile takeovers«. 

polypoly Cooperative is a European cooperative, more precisely an SCE. This stands for Societas Cooperativa Europaea. Any European citizen over the age of 18 can invest to become a member supporting our common vision. Like every cooperative registered and controlled in the cooperative register, we have a statute in which all legal framework conditions are regulated. 

Become a real co-decision maker

Get your investment back if you leave 

Get a return on investment if you stay

As co-decision maker you elect the board of directors


The Board of Directors is elected by the members according to our statutes. During its term of office the board assumes the operational management of the cooperative, and appoints the Director.

An experienced team and determined supporters behind

A complex mission requires experienced heads who contribute significantly to the success of the mission with their expertise and dedication. Here is an excerpt:

Mira Mezini

is several times awarded full professor of Computer Science at Technical University of Darmstadt and leads the Software Technology Group at the Department of Computer Science.

Pernille Tranberg

is an independent speaker, book author and advisor in data democracy, data ethics, and digital self-defense. She speaks to politicians, officials, NGOs, business leaders and multinational companies.

Lars Eilebrecht

is a software engineer, solutions architect, IT security expert, and Open Source evangelist. He is one of the original developers of the Apache HTTP Server, and co-founder and former Vice President of the Apache Software Foundation. Today, he looks after our information security.

Felix Dahlke

former CTO of eyeo where he grew the organisation, as well as developing products like Adblock Plus, Flattr, and Trusted News. Now he is responsible for our technology.

Jon Lund

has previously been in charge of the media organisation FDIM and for Danske Banks online communications team. For several years he has been an active participant in the Danish public debate on digitalisation. Now he heads the Danish polypoly subsidiary.

Markus Stegfellner

is a pioneer and developer of Cooperatives 2.0 in Germany and Austria. He has worked as a management consultant for over 30 years in the service of change and new beginnings. He is a member of the Administrative Board and heads the Austrian polypoly subsidiary.

Secure your shares now

Become a member and invest in Europe's first data cooperative!

As soon as you invest, you automatically become member of the cooperative developing the polyPod. A share has a value of € 5, which will be refunded in the event of resignation in accordance with the statutes – this refund is something very special, as opposed to other financial investment opportunities. 

Another specialty: One vote per person! As a member of the cooperative, your influence does not depend on the amount of money you invest, it just influences how much revenue you can gain. A really fair concept that fits perfectly with our vision of a social data economy.

100 share package

Invest € 500 now 

Monthly 1 share subscription

Invest € 5 monthly

Individual package starting at 1 share

Invest from € 5 now

400 share package

Invest € 2000 now 

1000 share package

Invest € 5000 now 

2000 share package

Invest € 10,000 now 

* polypoly Cooperative is a cooperative within the European Union. To invest and become a member, you must be at least 18 years old, and a citizen of a country that is a member of the EU. You must also NOT have a US passport. We need to take this measure to protect the Cooperative from legal action in the USA.

The Investment Cockpit at a glance

Funding level 

7,5 %

Number of private investors

Voting members of the cooperative who have subscribed for at least one share certificate with a value of 5 €.

> 800

Invested money

> € 1,1 Mio

Planned return on investment

Annual payout yields are calculated from 1,000,000 active polyPod users.

Last update:  06/22

4 % + Special dividend